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 MEP Info & Rules

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PostSubject: MEP Info & Rules   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:28 am

I'm hosting our first MEP, to get things started, but after that we can have multiple MEP's at a time. The basic idea is that everyone in the group can get a chance to host an MEP (that is, if you want to).

1. A maximum of 3 MEP's can be open at a time.
2. A new MEP can only be opened after one has been completed.
3. You don't have to join every MEP, just the ones you like, you can pick them out yourselves.

How do you host a MEP?
1. Before you can host an MEP, you need to post a suggestion in the 'Suggestions' section, which you can find over here. This can be a song idea, an idea a canon/crossover story etc. etc.
2. Members who like the idea reply to the post. (Only post a comment saying you would like to do this as an MEP or whatever, if you don't like the idea then don't comment at all so that I know how many people are interested.
3. If a decent amount of people like the suggestion, I will send you a message that you can host your MEP.

How do you join a MEP
NOTE: Just because you commented on a suggestion, doesn't mean you automatically get a part once the MEP is hosted. Keep that in mind ^^.
1. Go to the 'Sign Ups', which you can find over here here, and find an MEP that you like (and is open)
2. Pick a part and a pairing
3. State it in a comment
4. The host of the MEP will then give you the rest of the information

Rules for MEP Parts
1. Widescreen
2. No watermark
3. No coloring and only subtle overlays (host of MEP will be the judge of this). Make sure the parts flow
4. If you use voiceovers, add them in a seperate file.
5. No double pairings/characters in a MEP
6. Leave an extra few seconds to your part for good transitions.
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MEP Info & Rules
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